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  • Burlington now open at BayTowne…
    Burlington opened at BayTowne on Friday, September 29th! Click here to read the full article!...
  • Body Fuel > COMING SOON!
    Body Fuel – Fuel your body, don’t just fill it! Body fuel is coming soon to BayTowne! Just coming to or leaving the gym? On-the-go or looking for something healthy to fit your ACTIVE lifestyle? Tired of feeling set back after eating fast food? TREAT yourself with something that will NOURISH your way to GREATER and FASTER results. Come on Continue Reading...
  • Penfield’s WhichCraft Brews offers total beer experience
    WhichCraft Brews is opening in July 2017, adding a new destination to the Street of Shoppes at BayTowne! Click here to read the full article!...

Leasing Snap Shot

Available Space

  • A200 2,700 SF
  • A300 1,825 SF
  • A500 3,621 SF
  • E100 1,509 SF
  • E300 10,056 SF
  • E400 4,700 SF
  • E500 2,550 SF
  • E600 2,805 SF
  • G250 1,020 SF
  • G300 1,357 SF
  • G500 1,004 SF
  • G550 1,260 SF
  • G700 4,230 SF
  • G950 1,838 SF
  • G1000 6,000 SF